Pulse Point Aromatherapy HESTIA – Connection



A blend of essential oils known to inspire an open heart and mind, HESTIA helps reconnect you to what is truly important in life.

Enhance harmony, inner wisdom and patience with Hestia goddess of heart and home.


Aromatic description

Rich, woody and clean.


Blended with

Sandalwood-positivity and confidence

Juniper berry-calming

Patchouli- balancing

Cedarwood- harmonising

Ylang ylang- self esteem booster


May chang-peace inducing


Vegan, 100% natural oils blend, Toxin Free.

Unlike traditional synthetic fragrances that overload your body with toxic chemicals , our natural essential oil perfume contains ingredients that can positively affect your mood and emotions by communicating with your body and senses through your skin.


Packaged in a conveniently sized 10ml deluxe amber glass roller bottle.

Blended in skin loving coconut oil.

How to use

Roll the Pulse Point Roller on wrists , temples and behind the ears to activate the blend.