October 2, 2020

The problem with blogs

By Amanda Goodfellow

I have been told by the experts that blogs are important. But does anybody actually read them? Hey, I’m no website expert, but my gut feeling is no. So the fact that I am now sitting dutifully at my laptop writing one is an act of pure obedience – and a bit of hope that this blog will be different. This blog will be the one you can’t miss every month. The one that makes you keep coming back to my website to see what pearls of wisdom I have dropped for you.

I am a meditation and mindfulness teacher. It’s something I am extremely passionate about and want to share with as many people as I can. I am not an expert in creating websites, social media posts, vlogs, memes or TikToks. I need help with all of that stuff and am prepared to either teach myself or call on professional help to get me there. So please, accept this as an upfront apology for my lack of tech savviness. What I can promise is that I will share information that is authentic, credible, useful and intended to help anyone that needs it.

I am about to launch a number of new programs for corporate and private clients. Please don’t forget to leave your details in the contact section of my website to subscribe for updates. I promise not to spam you.