July 22, 2021

Is burnout just part of the new normal?

By Amanda Goodfellow

Here’s an interesting list…..

1. Feeling exhausted or drained and unable to do basic tasks.

2. Insomnia.

3. Forgetfulness or inability to concentrate and focus.

4. Feeling empty or emotionally detached.

5. Losing drive and motivation in parts of your life e.g. work and relationships.

6. Feeling angry or irritated all the time.

This sounds like a pretty standard day for many people – but it’s actually signs of major burnout. And the truth is, the rate of burnout at work is on the rise.

The treatment for burnout often requires people to take significant time off work and seek professional support. It’s expensive, traumatic and difficult for everyone involved.

So what can be done to prevent burnout?

Not surprisingly, meditation is top of the list. By making time for meditation regularly, we are allowing ourselves to rest, recover and build resilience. Workplaces that offer meditation to their staff enjoy much greater levels of staff satisfaction, productivity and wellbeing. There is a depth of research to support this finding.

Providing meditation sessions at work provides staff with the opportunity to rest, reset and come back into balance – the place where we are most productive, creative and happy.

Sounds worth it.