July 20, 2021

Where did my attention span go?

By Amanda Goodfellow

It’s no great surprise – our attention spans are narrowing. That desire for the next new thing compels us – scrolling and clicking our screens like maniacs. In the meantime, this activity is training our brains to stay in this state – permanently ‘switched on’, wired and alert.  Humans on hamster wheels. So can we build focus and attention? Happily – yes!

We can rewire neural pathways in our brain through meditation and mindfulness. Workplaces that invest in mindfulness programs for their staff report improvements in focus and attention after only 6 sessions, with clinical research now also supporting this finding.

This is not a huge undertaking. Its small moments of mindfulness throughout the day. It’s incremental changes – little and often that make the difference.

An investment in mindfulness pays off – not just in better attention and focus, but more compassionate, self aware and emotionally intelligent people. People that know how to jump off the hamster wheel every now and then. That sounds worth it.

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